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Literacy Technology Integration

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Education in the 21st Century



Re-imagining Learning



Introduction to 21st Century Literacy


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Changing Education Paradigms



Vision of K-12 Students Today


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Best Practices in a 21st Century Classroom


Tools for Extending Learning Beyond the Regular Classroom


Evaluating Electronic Text


Resources for  Literacy

Some great resources for helping students and also for your own use in helping students with everything from book selection to leveled reading resources.


Graphic Organizers

All different graphic organizers that can be used in various situations.   


Comprehension Strategies



Supports for Struggling Readers




  • Comprehension
  • Fluency
    • Voki

      • allow your students the ability to give characters an identity and "voice"

      • add the voice via a cellphone, landline phone, mic, or text

      • when embedding into a wiki

  • Animoto
      • Get a free educational code for your students so they can create videos of unlimited size and download them. E-mail Rebecca Brooks at rebecca@animoto.com to set up a code
      • Booktalk Video created by a high school student with animoto and powerpoint slides saved as jpeg files
      • Bullying Video created using animoto and powerpoint slides saved as jpeg files.
  • VoiceThread
      • A tool for having conversations around media like videos, photos, documents, etc.
      • VoiceThread 4 Education Wiki 
  • Vocaroo
      • Record anything and then link to it on their website
  • Audacity
      • Use your computer to mix and record just about anything
  • Book Trailers
      • View award winning trailer examples from books for kids and teens.


Communication Tools


  • Skype
    • talk to people around the world with FREE video and voice calls. You can also have group chats and conference calls with up to ten people on skype.
    • send photos or documents to the people you are talking to
    • getting started with Skype
    • Brian Crosby - video from K-12 Online Conference


  • Skypecasts
    • host a public chat with up to 100 people from anywhere in the world
    • let your voice be heard by speaking on the virtual microphone
    • getting started with Skypecasts and FAQ


  • UStream
    • broadcast and chat online with a live global audience.
    • It is free and all you need is a webcam, microphone, and internet connection
    • you can even save your broadcasts to playback later
    • password protect your live shows from school
    • 7 things you should know about Ustream
  • Collaboration Links
    • epals - Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton and ePals launch "Wisconsin Connects" 
    • Collaboration resource list
  • Babblestream
    • create large group voice and text chat areas


Other Helpful Tools and Resources


Copyright and Ethical Use


Some Internet Safety Resources

Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

Insight for Professionals Who Work With Kids

My Delicious Account Internet Safety Bookmarks

Common Sense Media  free curriculum


Net Smartz.org


Other Web2.0 Resource Links


If I haven't talked about it here, you can find it here Go2Web20.net


Summarizing What You've Learned and How You Will Share It and Use It.


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